3D Signs & Dimensional Letters & Logos

Dimensional Letters & Logos for Companies in Boise, ID

Make your name or logo stand out in ways flat signage simply can't match! A great way to make your company name, logo or promotional message stand out, custom 3D signage and dimensional lettering are a specialty at Image360.

Often called three-dimensional signage or dimensional signage, our 3D signage adds a dimension of depth to width and height. The result? Even indoors, the shape and shading of 3D signs and letters catch the eye in ways that flat, two-dimensional letters, logos and graphics simply can't match! They work harder for you because people can see them from longer distances!

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Custom Painted Dimensional Letters and Shapes
3D Signs & Dimensional Letters & Logos
3D Signs & Dimensional Letters & Logos
3D Signs & Dimensional Letters & Logos
3D Signs & Dimensional Letters & Logos
3D Signs & Dimensional Letters & Logos
3D Signs & Dimensional Letters & Logos
3D Signs & Dimensional Letters & Logos
3D Signs & Dimensional Letters & Logos
3D Signs & Dimensional Letters & Logos
3D Signs & Dimensional Letters & Logos
3D Signs & Dimensional Letters & Logos
3D Signs & Dimensional Letters & Logos
ds235 - Custom Dimensional Signage for Miami Dolphins
ds234 - Custom Dimensional Signage for Miami Dolphins
DS064 - Custom Dimensional Signage for Professional Services
DS062 - Custom Dimensional Signage for Professional Services
DS061 - Custom Dimensional Signage for Professional Services
DS018 - Custom Dimensional Signage for Hospitality & Lodging
DS017 - Custom Dimensional Signage for Healthcare

+What is an acrylic sign?

Establish Your Brand with Custom 3D Sign Designs

Whether you're a small business or you're a franchise owner, having visually appealing signage is important for brand recognition. Image360 Boise-Meridian in the Boise, ID, area works with clients to achieve 3D sign designs that reflect the kind of business you are. When a customer thinks of your company, they'll instantly identify specific characteristics to your brand. That's why it's fundamental to always maintain a professional, high-end appearance that will show your audience what you do. You can depend on our expert designers to produce the finest 3D sign designs for your company.

+How do you use custom acrylic signs?

Custom Dimensional Lettering & Logos

How do dimensional letters and logos help your company? Using custom acrylic displays is more attractive, and when your business name and logo is more appealing, it'll become more noteworthy to people. If your business is seeking to bring in new audiences this can be an excellent approach, and this is where Image360 Boise-Meridian can be of service. Our 3D sign design services are made to be completely customizable because we know your business has unique specifications. With a wide range of fonts and color schemes, we can really replicate your company's details.

Image360 Boise-Meridian can produce your custom 3D signs from high-quality materials. Some of the more common solutions include:

  • Acrylic: Acrylic is very useful and you can achieve different shapes and textures with it. With a wide range of colors, Image360 Boise-Meridian can narrow down the look you want for your company.Foam: Foam is an excellent solution for interior signs. It can be easily shaped, very light and affordable. Foam can be have the appearance of any color or it can be laminated with a layer of metal or hard plastic. There is a variety of customizable solutions with foam.
  • Metal: Metal is strong and can be customized into the look you want, whether it's polished, painted or rusted. You have some solutions when it comes to metal.
  • Wood: Wood can be used for its distinct characteristics, but it is also a useful material. It can withstand the weather if needs be, painted and stained to your liking.
  • Plastic: Plastic is another affordable and versatile solution. It can be formed into different shapes and you can choose from various colors and finishes.

+Who makes dimensional lettering?

Your Premier Signage Solution

Our design specialists provide the ideal customer experience because we provide everything with our service packages. From the design stage to fabrication and installation, our team takes care of every aspect of your custom acrylic display project. We provide custom solutions for company owners who know how important it is to create strong partnerships with our clients. This starts before visitors even walk into your building and they notice your brand elements incorporated into your outdoor 3D logo. Our team takes pride in helping with collaborative designs and bringing a uniform look to your retail space or office in Boise, ID,.

The Image360 Promise

For more than 30 years, Image360 has provided the nation with custom sign choices and solutions. Your regional location in the Boise, ID, area uses cutting-edge technology with tried-and-true practices to provide first-rate service and products to our customers. All our products and custom acrylic displays are guaranteed to last. Our customers keep returning to us because of our quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. We strive to produce only the best signs and means of visual communication.

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Image360 offers many services designed help you build your company, whether you're just starting or a longstanding organization in the Boise region. We start with a consultation, so we can have a full understanding of your needs and design requirements. From there, we work to fully deliver your dimensional letters and logos in a timely manner. Reach out to Image360 Boise-Meridian today to speak with a professional.

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